Protabit Collaborating with Northwestern and Caltech in ARPA-E Gas-to-Liquids Program

February 12, 2014

ARPA-E has awarded a $1 million grant to a team of scientists and enzyme engineers at Northwestern University, the California Institute of Technology, and Protabit LLC to engineer more efficient methane activating enzymes.  The team is led by Prof. Amy C. Rosenzweig of Northwestern and includes the laboratories of Prof. Michael Jewett at Northwestern and Prof. Stephen Mayo at Caltech.  Protabit is providing the computational protein design software and engineering expertise.

The objective of the 1-year effort is to develop efficient and versatile enzymes that can chemically activate methane, enabling the biosynthesis of liquid fuels and chemicals from natural gas.  ARPA-E is providing funding for the effort via its Reducing Emissions using Methanotrophic Organisms for Transportation Energy (REMOTE) program.