Triad CPD

Triad is powerful

Triad is powerful

Our computational protein design (CPD) software is now available online as a web service but in limited beta release.  To learn more about Triad and sign up for our mailing list, click the following link:


Key Features

  • Applies physics-based simulation to maintain and improve protein structure, stability, solubility, and activity.
  • Includes experimental assay data to improve any measurable protein property via rounds of screening and computational design.
  • Generates focused combinatorial libraries of sequences enriched in desired properties.


  • Screens fewer variants to find dramatically improved properties.
  • Can generate new properties/functions from scratch.
  • Searches enormous sequence space, so can produce active variants highly mutated relative to parent.
    • Facilitates finding sequences that do not infringe on existing IP.
    • Sequences can be designed to avoid immunogenic epitopes.
  • Complements evolutionary protein engineering strategies.
  • Compatible with existing experimental protocols for library construction and screening or selection.