Protein design in the cloud

  • Cutting edge protein design, modeling, and analysis tools
  • Complements laboratory engineering strategies with focused combinatorial libraries, assay data incorporation, and guidance with recombination experiments
  • Monthly subscription service: no long term commitments or investments in expensive, rapidly outdated hardware
  • Compute resources are available on demand, can scale to meet your needs

Interactive, easy to use

  • Goal-oriented “apps” with push-button simplicity
  • Visual analysis tools for identifying sites to mutate and interpreting results
  • Familiar windows-like environment in a web browser
  • Platform agnostic: works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • No need to maintain or troubleshoot hardware or software
  • Get started immediately: nothing to install


  • Job histories, parameters, and inputs are stored for future reference and use
  • Organize and share results, models and variant libraries
  • Available anywhere that has an internet connection

Safe and secure

  • Security and reliability of the Amazon cloud
  • Best available encryption
  • Private compute and storage resources
  • Data is backed up regularly

Many applications, more to come

Improved protein properties

  • Enhanced stability
  • Enhanced solubility
  • Enhanced enzymatic activity
  • Stabilization of single conformational states
  • Protein-protein interface specificity

New protein properties

  • De novo enzyme activity
  • Altered enzymatic activity
  • Novel substrate specificity
  • Novel protein-protein interfaces

Enhancements to other engineering methods

  • Degenerate codon library design
  • Designed libraries lead to better variants with less screening
  • Use existing assay data to inform new designs
  • Introduce low-level activity that can be improved with directed evolution
  • Improve compatibility and diversity of recombination experiments